Buyfolio Partner API

by matt on July 14, 2010

A few weeks ago we finished developing a way for partners to integrate Buyfolio into their websites or applications. We created an Application Programming Interface, which most people simply refer to as an API. I promise, this is cooler than it sounds.

Say a brokerage – let’s call them CorHaliman – already has a client management tool or a customer portal, but they really like everything Buyfolio has to offer. Now, brokers and their clients can have it all! Our new API enables brokerages to seamlessly access Buyfolio’s feature set, providing their brokers and clients with the ability to:

  • Create new client folios
  • Add additional email addresses to existing folios
  • Retrieve a broker’s full client list
  • Add a property listing to a folio

One of our partners will be announcing their new service shortly. We’ll be sure to blog and tweet when it launches. If you or your company would like more information about partnering with us, email us at bizdev AT

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